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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 27th December 2016

1. Acceptance of the privacy policy by users

You agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the ObserverJOBS™ (aka Observer Jobs Private Limited) Privacy policy which is set out herein by accessing this website and following the registration process. Please read this privacy policy carefully before using this website.

2. Intellectual Property Rights

Your personal details, name, address, age, employment, occupation, nationality, email address, telephone number and any other information that is not otherwise publicly available are accepted by us as your personal information and data. These details will only be transferred by us for the express purposes stated on this Website. However this shall not apply where ObserverJOBS™ is required by Court Order under criminal or civil proceedings to provide such information and data to a Court of Law for any reason.
We shall have the right to extract information and data which does not release private and personal details which provides generic and statistical analysis and shall have the right to provide such marketing and promotional material to third parties without any further consent from you. This shall include type of usage of site, age group, financial category, ethnic origins and any other material which does not reveal your specific details.
ObserverJOBS™ has unique services offered to its members or users such as the "Learning Environment" and "e-community" which will consist of articles, photos and pictures etc sent or shared by the members or users. When such articles, photos and pictures etc are posted on our website by the members or users ObserverJOBS™ assumes such material do not violate intellectual property rights of third parties. ObserverJOBS™ will not accept liability for infringement of copyright or violation of any other intellectual property rights of third parties by the members or users of our website. ObserverJOBS™ reserves its right to remove any such material if they are found to be infringing copyright or other intellectual property rights of third parties without any notice.
ObserverJOBS™ provides a number of services for Companies and employers who intend to recruit employees. They have the option inter alia to advertise vacancies, request and manage resumes. The companies can also post their video profiles and obtain data to carry out surveys. You may check all these unique features which are not described here in full. The policy with regard to the infringement of intellectual property rights mentioned above will also apply to companies and employers who post any material on our website for the purpose of advertising and recruiting employees.
You are advised to read the privacy policies of other websites which are linked to our website and ObserverJOBS™ shall not be bound or responsible for the terms and conditions applicable to the usage of any such website linked to ObserverJOBS™.

3. Collection Of Personal Data

ObserverJOBS™ collects personal details such as your name or company name, address, age, employment, occupation or business, experience, nationality, email address, telephone number and any other details ordinarily associated with a resume. Those personal information will be made available to Companies or employers to whom your resume will be sent by us. Please note that those companies or employers have their own privacy policies with regard to personal information received by them and you will be governed by those when your personal information are transmitted by us. Therefore it would be in your own interest that you should read and understand the privacy policies of those companies or employers. ObserverJOBS™ will not be bound or responsible for such privacy policies which are outside the control of ObserverJOBS™.
In addition to the above ObserverJOBS™ will be collecting articles, photos and pictures sent by its users or members. Such material will be utilised for services such as Learning Environment and e-Community which are unique services offered by us. You are advised to check those features to understand the services offered by us. ObserverJOBS™ will also collect any material posted by the companies or employers for the purpose of advertising and employee recruiting.

4. Control of your Personal Information

By opening aObserverJOBS™ account available on our website or by sign-in for any services on our website you will become a member of our website. The information you provide at the time of opening the account or sign-in for the services on our website or information on your resume will be the personal information that will be within our control and usage in order to provide services mentioned on our website. You have the option to edit the information provided by you to the ObserverJOBS™ account at any time and do any changes, deletions or unsubscribe your marketing preferences, products or services provided by us. However there are services that send periodic emails on products and services provided by us to inform you of the new developments on our site which cannot be unsubscribed as same is an integral part of our website.
We are committed to protect the confidentiality of the information provided by you. You have the ability to make your posting on our website completely confidential. Your postings allow you to choose multiple roles and job categories. You may create upto five CVs and customize each for different types of jobs. You have also the option to define your privacy level by using confidentiality settings. Moreover you can manage, view, save and organize resumes online. You can also manage who accesses your resume. You have the option to access jobs while on the move through SMS.

5. Changes to this Statement

ObserverJOBS™ reserves it right to amend, alter or change this Privacy policy based on the feedback of the users. If any amendment, alteration or change is effected by us this Privacy policy will be updated by ObserverJOBS™ and users are advised to periodically check these updates for their own benefit. However if there are any substantial amendments, alterations or changes to be made by us, users will be informed of same well in advance.